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Passion for health guides CPASS graduate to career in fitness training

Julia Merwin is set to graduate this May from West Virginia University with a major in Sport and Exercise Psychology. While at WVU, Merwin was a student-athlete and member of the women’s gymnastics team. Additionally, she became certified personal trainer because of her interest in health and fitness. 

Merwin, from Frederick, Maryland, selected the SEP major during the enrollment process at WVU. “After being in the SEP major, I have learned many valuable things that applied to my sport and personal training,” said Merwin.  

“My favorite thing about WVU and Morgantown would be the gymnastics team and staff. I loved every second with them at practice, conditioning, on the road, competitions and team meals. Every experience was a dream come true,” she said.  

Merwin says the college Office of Student Success offered support throughout her time at the university. “Advising appointments were the most helpful service that CPASS provided me. The advisors are informative and did a great job guiding students to make difficult decisions,” said Merwin. 

Following graduation, she plans to move to Pittsburgh. “I hope to become a personal trainer at one of the gyms in the city. I am an online personal trainer through an app called AdventureIO. I love making fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone,” Merwin added.

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