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WVU Nursery School, Center for ActiveWV team up for night of physical activity

Students and families from the WVU Nursery School joined the School of Sport Sciences and the Center for ActiveWV for a night of physical literacy on Thursday, Nov. 2, as part of a collaborative effort in the College of Applied Human Sciences.


The evening kicked off with a 15-minute classroom session for parents led by Dana Voelker, director of the School of Sport Sciences, and by Eloise Elliott, director for the Center for ActiveWV and Ware Distinguished Professor at WVU. The session introduced to the concept of physical literacy and parents learned about the importance of nurturing their child's skills and confidence in movement and how it plays a pivotal role in their overall well-being. The session also included tips on how to encourage physical activity emphasized the significance of fostering this essential life skill. While the parents were in that classroom section, volunteers from the School of Sport Science provided activities for the children.

Once the classroom session was completed, parents and children were reunited and engaged in a variety of physical activities including soccer, an obstacle course, dancing and playing with a parachute. 

The evening concluded as parents and students got to meet and take photos with Musket, the official friend of the Mountaineer Mascot.

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