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Study Abroad 2018: Costa Rica

A study abroad journey designed to give students the opportunity to work with local underserved youth combined sport performance, safety and sport psychology in Costa Rica, Central America.

The faculty-led trip offered preparation in injury prevention, sport drills and sport psychology lessons. During the trip, students examined the role of sport within the Costa Rican culture by attending professional sporting events, community rodeo, local-styled dance and adventure activities while focusing on sports medicine and culture in Costa Rica. 

CPASS faculty leaders, Allison Hetrick, clinical coordinator, athletic training, and Scott Barnicle, teaching assistant professor, sport and exercise psychology, saw the students fall in love with Costa Rica. 

“Throughout the trip, the students spread our area’s expertise and opened new doors for connections while sharing our mutual love of sport. Sport psychology was a new concept, and the local coaches and athletes embraced it with open arms. We hope to cultivate these new relationships into opportunities for our students in the future,” said Hetrick.

“Throughout the week, they built cohesion, resilience and confidence in themselves and others. They left an incredible impact on all those we came in contact with. As faculty leaders, we could not be prouder of how these students responded.”

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