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Creating a solid foundation to prepare for graduate studies

Juliana Kingsborough, junior, sport and exercise psychology major, chose the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences because of the numerous doors it could open for her career plans. “I was in two different majors before I found WVU CPASS. Right away, I knew that the sport and exercise psychology program was the best fit for me,” Kingsborough said. “I could envision how it would lead me in the right direction to aim for Occupational Therapy.”

The Ridley Park, Pa. native says that WVU stood out to her during her selection process because of the beautiful campus and variety of majors WVU offers. “I always knew I wanted to pursue Occupational Therapy. Having an array of majors available allowed me to find the right one to get me there.”

“Juliana is a perfect example of a Sport and Exercise Psychology student who has utilized her coursework and experiences to find her career path beyond CPASS,” Scott Barnicle, SEP program coordinator and teaching assistant professor, said. “Many of our students pursue graduate programs outside of SEP, such as Juliana in Occupational Therapy, and we hope she continues to be a model student for other SEP majors.”

Kingsborough plans to graduate in spring 2023. “Dr. Scott Barnicle supports my success. The courses that he teaches, such as SEP 210 and SEP 312, have enlightened me about what I can do with an SEP degree and the many options I have to further my education,” Kingsborough said. “Along with that, these courses allow me to prepare for post-graduation by building a resume and creating a portfolio of everything I need to apply for graduate school and ensure that I am successful when the time comes.”

The SEP program supports Kingsborough’s career pathway by providing her with the “perfect foundation” to build upon for the future. “The courses I take in the SEP program relate to occupational therapy and introduce me to things I should expect to see in graduate school.” Kingsborough intends to experience hands-on learning and shadowing in the summer to add to her portfolio.

“My post-graduation plans are to further my education and go to OT graduate school. I want to attend the WVU Occupational Therapy program because of the high-quality education I have received so far as an undergraduate,” she said.

Kingsborough recently joined WVU SEP club as way to stay active around campus and meet other CPASS students. “I participated in a bake sale that raised $137 to support a trip to Michigan where students can connect with professionals in their career path.”

Students should take advantage of the many resources available around campus, says Kingsborough. “Don’t hesitate to ask questions and reach out for help if needed. College can get very overwhelming and a little confusing at times. There are so many people and resources available to help you.”

What is Kingsborough’s favorite thing about the WVU campus? “I love how diverse it is. I love that I can spend my time at the library to get schoolwork done and then go downtown to spend some free time with friends,” she said.

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