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Students learn from strength and conditioning experts

Hundreds of people interested in applied sport science, strength and conditioning and long-term athlete development gathered at the International Coaching and Sport Science College Conference this past December 2018 at East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN.

College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences representation at the conference included graduate students Michael Derasmo, Jarric Haskins, Billy Cedar, Michael Schlund, Matt Anti, Connor Olson, Nicholas Berchock, Kanchana Venkatesh, Mike DeLong, undergraduate student Anthony Geeza and Abigail Tice, exercise physiology graduate student. Dr. Guy Hornsby, teaching assistant professor, athletic coaching education, joined the students on the trip.

"The opportunity to have so many of our students at this first-class event was truly special. From the presentations they attended, to the leaders in the field they met, to the conversations we had throughout the conference, it was great to see so many of our students demonstrating a passion for professional development,” said Hornsby.

Cedar described the conference experience. “I was able to meet coaches and reconnect with those I hadn't seen in a while. One of my favorite aspects of conferences is getting the chance to meet new coaches and discuss training,” said Cedar.  

The CPASS graduate assistant recommends that students attend conferences. “They are a great way for newer coaches to meet others in the field and exchange ideas. My favorite part of the conference was Dr. Hornsby's presentation about the strength and conditioning programs at Mon County High Schools. It is a great program and I was glad Dr. Hornsby was able to share what we do with other coaches,” Cedar added.

Hornsby was a featured speaker at the conference, discussing High School Strength and Conditioning in Monongalia County: A Grassroots LTAD Program. The focus involved a description and explanation of a CPASS graduate assistantship program that Hornsby oversees. The program provides a head strength and conditioning coach to the three Monongalia County high schools, Clay-Battelle, Morgantown High and University High Schools.

Hornsby covered a description of the overall structure and oversight provided, aspects of recruitment, evaluation and managing the transition from one strength coach to the next. Additionally, he discussed long-term athlete development and potential solutions for common challenges within high strength and conditioning. 

Presenters included James Baker (ASPIRE Academy, Doha, Qatar), discussing his LTAD curriculum at ASPIRE Academy; Clive Brewer (Toronto Blue Jays), reviewing long term athlete development; Dr. Iñigo Mujika (University of the Basque Country), discussing various methods of tapering and peaking; Kyle Pierce (LSU Shreveport, coach of three-time Olympian Kendrick Farris), presenting on long term development of weightlifters. 

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