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Sport management major finding the balance between student and athlete

The West Virginia University baseball team was center stage this season, advancing to the NCAA regional tournament as announced last May. There were many names swirling around with the success of this team - one of them was Nick Snyder. 

Snyder is a sport management major hailing from Marlton, NJ. Why did he select WVU? The answer is two-fold. 

“I chose WVU for its baseball team as well as its sport management program,” said Snyder. “Playing baseball in one of the best conferences in NCAA baseball, on a team with recent success on the field, all while earning a degree from a reputable institution has been a blessing.” 

Snyder has always had a zeal for sports, so the sport management program is allowing him to follow his passion both on and off the field. 

While balancing both a D1 athlete schedule with an academic calendar can be rigorous and Snyder has managed to develop skills to find harmony in his student-athlete life. He lists time management, organization and attentiveness among his proficiencies. 

“Time management is an essential skill to being a good student,” said Snyder. “Map out your semester the day you get your syllabus. Write out your due dates, stay consistent with your homework and out of classroom projects and know when your exams are.” 

Snyder mentions the importance of participating in class and building relationships with professors. 

“Do not be afraid to ask questions in class or during office hours with your professors. They are there to help,” Snyder said. 

While Snyder is continuing his baseball career with the Mountaineers, he clearly is appreciative of the opportunity to further his education --- a chance at the plate that he will not overlook. 

“Be the best student you can be. You will thank yourself later,” said Snyder. 

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