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CPASS student builds resume through sports internships

Zach Kirschner says he chose the College’s sport management degree path because it stood out from the rest of the programs he considered. “I was looking for a school that had the certain major as well as a sports team I could be a part of, which WVU had,” he said. 

Betsy Robbins, CPASS Office of Student Success, has supported Kirschner’s progress through helping him develop marketable skills and connections. “I love meeting with students like Zach who are passionate about the field of sport management and are proactively seeking real-world experiences that will help them reach their professional goals,” Robbins said. “It is exciting to see my students find these unique opportunities that perfectly align with their interests. Zach told me he played in the tournament he will now be overseeing. Go get ‘em, Zach!”

Kirschner, from Montville, N.J., says that the WVU sport management program boosts his career pathway by setting him up with opportunities in and out of the classroom. “I have outstanding professors who have supported me through everything as well as providing great resources outside of the classroom,” he said.

As the WVU Baseball team student manager, Kirschner is responsible for various tasks that he can envision expanding into a career. “I help with on and off the field duties as well as gameday activities,” he said. Additionally, Kirschner is a member of the Sport Management Club. He plans on joining more groups next academic year to add to his portfolio.

What advice does he have for incoming freshmen? “I would tell students to have a planner to organize your classes and make sure to stay on top of all work and exams,” Kirschner said.
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