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Textbook authored by WVU faculty earns McGuffey Longevity Award

The textbook, “ Group Counseling: Strategies and Skills,” written by West Virginia University faculty members Ed Jacobs and Christine Schimmel, along with Bob Masson and Riley Harvill, has been recognized by the Textbook and Academic Authors Association with the McGuffey Longevity Award.

Jacobs and Schimmel are both faculty members in the School of Counseling and Well-Being in the College of Applied Human Sciences.

The textbook is known for its accessibility and practicality and its ability to integrate foundational theories with actionable strategies. Recent versions of the textbook include new content addressing social justice and crisis leadership, virtual group insights, and expanded sections on children and adolescents. Readers also receive access to videos that show leaders demonstrating skills discussed in the book.

The McGuffey Longevity Award is bestowed upon textbooks and learning materials that have demonstrated excellence over time. To qualify for nomination, a work must have been in print for a minimum of 15 years and still maintain its relevance and value within its respective field. Jacobs and Schimmel’s textbook is one of 14 recognized across the nation for the McGuffey Longevity Award.

The awards will be presented during an evening virtual awards ceremony on Friday, April 26, 2024.

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