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CAHS honors faculty and staff for 2023-24 academic year

The West Virginia University College of Applied Human Sciences recognized four for their outstanding contributions to the college during the 2023-24 academic year. Sean Bulger, Dana Musick, Emi Tsuda and Sam Zizzi were recognized among their peers at its annual all-college assembly on May 8.

Sean Bulger was the recipient of the Laddie R. Bell Distinguished Service Award for his demonstrated authentic, servant, and visionary leadership. As Associate Dean for Online Education and Technology, he reimagined master’s programs, developed new online graduate certificates, and strategized a transition plan for the university’s new learning management system. Bulger also led the development of the YOU at WVU app, the CAHS Digital Learning Hub, and the college’s online portfolio. Additionally, he stepped in to serve as the Interim Director for the School of Counseling and Well-Being in January to lead that unit through the conclusion of the academic term. Beyond his administrative roles, he coordinated the master's in physical education online program, served on multiple college and university committees, and mentored key leaders within the School of Sport Sciences. His forward-thinking impact is evident in his efforts to foster excellence, innovation, and continuous development within the academic community.

Dana Musick was recognized with the Outstanding Staff Service Award. As an administrative assistant in the School of Counseling and Well-Being, Musick demonstrated exceptional performance in supporting faculty and students during transitions and in the daily operations of the school. Her attention to detail and efficiency greatly facilitated administrative tasks and allowed faculty to focus on teaching and research. Her adaptability and proactive approach were instrumental during the transition to an interim school director and ensured continuity and stability. Musick’s collaborative nature and organizational skills significantly contributed to a supportive and efficient work environment.

Emi Tsuda earned the Outstanding Researcher Award. Tsuda remains one of the most research-productive faculty members in the School of Sport Sciences, focusing on promoting physical activity among children and adolescents. In the past year, Tsuda submitted six data-based articles to peer-reviewed journals, with five in top-tier journals. She also authored a book chapter, co-authored 16 presentations, and was nominated as a Research Fellow with SHAPE America. Additionally, she contributed to the WV CARDIAC Project and is part of a $2 million funded grant project from the CDC. Her impressive research productivity and scholarly impact, including 50 peer-reviewed publications and a Google Scholar h-index of 12, underscore her exceptional contributions to the field.

Sam Zizzi, Pat Fehl Endowed Professor, was recognized with the Outstanding Teacher Award. Zizzi taught 118 undergraduate and graduate students across various modalities, receiving very good to excellent student evaluations. He thrived in connecting with first-year students and was consistently cited as a supportive, enthusiastic, and engaging instructor. Beyond his teaching, he provided critical support and exceeded expectations by chairing 10 PhD students in 2023. His dedication significantly contributed to the stability and success of the SEPP doctoral program. Zizzi was also the recipient of the 2024 Faculty Award for Distinction in Graduate Research Mentoring earlier this spring.

Recipients were nominated by their peers and selected via rubric by the awards committee, which was comprised of Dean Autumn Cyprès, Mary Kinsley, David Rice, Bethany Ackley, Dana Musick and Jeff Daniels.

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