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SEP grad secures dream position with NBA

Myles Washington combined his passion in sports with the mental aspects of competition to earn a B.S. degree in sport and exercise psychology (May 2021).

In addition to studying sports, Washington gained hands on knowledge as a basketball manager for the WVU Men’s team, from his freshman through senior years at CPASS. “Once I became involved with the team, I knew I wanted to go into basketball professionally, working for the NBA,” he said.

Currently, Washington serves as a production trainee with the NBA. “In this role, I work with the NBA, WNBA, 2k league and G league. A typical day consists of editing film of highlights from games in normal speed and slow-motion without phantom cameras, while logging real time games in the WNBA and NBA, capturing their best plays and live calls,” he said.

Washington, from Bowie, Md., says he selected CPASS because he intended to study sports. “I always wanted to know more about the mind and CPASS offered me that option while studying the various aspects of sport,” he said.

“My life changed positively through this experience and adapting to college life helped to make me a better person. WVU gave me the tools to succeed; I used them to achieve my goals.”

Washington’s sport-related network includes multiple WVU faculty members and others who are now teaching sport and exercise psychology at other universities. He credits team coaches for providing career direction and advice. “I spent most of my time with the basketball program and anything directly related to that,” he said. “My focus was entirely on team goals.”

“I still talk to current players and coaches occasionally, seeing how workouts are going and how all the new players are meshing with the system,” Washington added.

Washington explains that WVU’s extensive array of resources help students thrive and be themselves. “I definitely recommend WVU to friends and family. For prospective students, my advice is to find your niche early,” he said. “Have multiple friend groups in different areas. Always be open to learn and accept a challenge.”

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