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Faculty and students recognized for excellence at statewide conference

Numerous School of Sport Sciences faculty and students were honored at the Society of Health and Physical Educators conference, held in-person this past October in Charleston, W.Va. The 2022 SHAPEWV award recipients are highlighted below:

Maria Vito holding the Bea N Orr undergraduate student award

Maria Vito

Physical Education and Kinesiology major, junior, Bentleyville, Pa.

Bea N. Orr Undergraduate Student Award

The Bea N. Orr undergraduate student award is given to a college or university student who exhibits exceptional leadership skills working the fields of health, physical education, recreation, and dance.

“SHAPEWV conference was a great experience overall. I was proud to represent WVU, present a physical education lesson with my peers, and make connections with professionals in the field.”

“The Bea N. Orr undergrad student award means more than most people will know. I appreciate my professors who nominated me for the award. I am grateful that all my hard work did not go unnoticed and that I have been able to take advantage of so many opportunities to work with individuals in physical education/athletic settings. I look forward to all the other opportunities that lie ahead during the rest of my undergrad here at WVU.”

Olivia Mackey holding the elliott award

Olivia Mackey

Ph.D. in Kinesiology, Coaching and Teaching Studies, third year, Leesburg, Va.

Dr. Eloise Elliott Graduate Student Award

Recognized for outstanding achievement and service to the areas of SHAPEWV. Performed with distinction as a member at her graduate institution. Priority given to the student's coursework, extracurricular activities, commitment to the profession and promises for success in such a career.

“As a graduate student, this is my first year attending the SHAPE WV Conference (due to COVID). I am a member of SHAPE WV and presented there this year. The title of my presentation was Filling Gaps: Selecting Lifetime Physical Activity Content in High School Physical Education”

"Earning an award in Dr. Elliott's name is such an honor given all that she has accomplished in this field. I am so grateful for all that I have learned from both Dr. Elliott and Dr. Tsuda, as my co-advisors, and would not be eligible for any kind of honor award without the opportunities that they continue to provide me. They are two of the best in this field and I really admire the work that they do. It inspires me and I feel very lucky to get to learn under both."

Emi Tsuda holding the young scholar award

Emi Tsuda

Assistant Professor, Physical Education and Kinesiology

Young Scholar Award

Recognized for outstanding scholarly work, presentations and active service to the areas of SHAPEWV. Displayed scholarly activity, service and commitment to the profession.

"I am honored to receive the SHAPE WV Young Scholar Award. The SHAPE WV has been giving me many opportunities to connect with passionate professionals in the field and learn about physical education in the state of WV. This award means a lot to me and motivates me to further contribute to the field and the state in many more different ways."

Valerie Wayda posing with her award

Valerie Wayda

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of Undergraduate Education

Dr. Dana Brooks Professional Mentor Award

Recognized for excellence while serving as a mentor to Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance professionals, students or others in the fields that promote healthy lifestyles. Awarded for distinguished service as a mentor to other professionals or students.

"It was an honor to be selected as the recipient of the SHAPE WV Dr. Dana Brooks Professional Mentor award. Since Dr. Brooks was my mentor, receiving this recognition was special. He taught me the real value of service."

Portrait of Andrea Taliaferro holding her award

Andrea Taliaferro

Professor, Associate Director, School of Sport Sciences, Physical Education and Kinesiology Program

Honor Award

Recognized for distinguished professional service and inspiration to the association.

SHAPEWV is a professional education association with a diverse membership ranging from pre-professional college students, as they prepare for a career in education, to early and long-standing educators at the primary, secondary and university levels. Members collaborate with colleagues from around the state and participate in professional development opportunities while attending activity and lecture sessions at the conference.

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