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CPASS celebrates awards winners

College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences students, faculty and staff were recognized for their achievements for the 2021-2022 academic year at the college’s annual awards ceremony, April 22.

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Following lunch at the WVU Museum Education Center, award-winning students received certificates to commemorate college merit-based scholarships. The college named its outstanding students in undergraduate and graduate programs. CPASS faculty received awards for excellence in research, service and teaching. Finally, the college recognized faculty and staff for years of service and acknowledged Mountaineer Values and Pay it Forward Coins recipients.

See the complete list of scholarship and award winners below.

CPASS Scholarships

Bob and June Huggins ACE Scholarship

Jack Aprilante, Bryce Niedoba

Bob and Jean Wilson Memorial Scholarship for CPASS

Allison Bostic

CFT Inc., Gary and Barbara Dalton Scholarship

Emma Abfall, Kailee Semon, Tara Smith, Lauren White, Dawson Ziegler

C.P. Yost Endowed Physical Education Scholarship

Jamie Yoder

Dana Brooks CPASS Endowed Scholarship

Ariana Burke 

Doris Dorinzi Scholarship

Allison Bostic

Dr. Dana D. Brooks Scholarship

Kim Tolentino

Dr. Pat Fehl Undergraduate Scholarships

Rainey Block, Delaney Card, Braeden Carolan, Brienne Gallin, Anna Gathman, Molly Gwaltney, Benjamin Kozlowsk, Sarah Krusinski, Andrew Leader, Emily Prosser, Ian Salkil, Alana Trigg, Mia Walters

Dr. Roger Alford Alumni Scholarship

Ariana Burke

Eleanor Lantz LPEF Scholarship

Dalton Perdue

Ferris and Deanna Antoon Textbook Scholarship

Morgan Malinosky

Forrest G. Clark Presidential Scholarship

Emily Brasselle, Bryce Moore

Fred M. Coombs Physical Education Scholarship

Carley Walton

Hope Harper Loar Memorial Scholarship

Olivia Oldaker

Ivy Martin Scholarship (CFT, Inc.)

Zoe Mastromatteo

Jennifer A. & Lindsey D.C. McIntosh NYSP Scholarship

Nancy Nguyen

Jerry Wilkins Memorial Leadership Award

Joey Thomas

John Semon Endowed Scholarship

John Kinnaird

Kathleen Lipkovich Doctoral Support

Marla Gladstone

Kelly Irene Osleger Endowed Scholarship

Jodi Marver, Alivia Matz, Nicholas Taylor, Mark Wilson

Louise Currence Christensen Endowed Scholarship

Trinity Neal

Marvin “Bucky” Bolyard Scholarship

Sydney Spiker

Old Pros Endowed CPASS Scholarship

Nathan Canfield, Eliza Mummert

Patricia K. Fehl Graduate Scholarship

Danielle Werner

Robin L. Hayhurst Sports Management Scholarship

Jennifer Bailey, Kiersten Baranski, Elijah Iwunor, Nathan Layton, Zoe Mastromatteo

Tom and Jan Cook Endowed Scholarship

Sharina Ratliff

W.A. Carruth, M.M. Pearce and K. Blakemore Scholarship

Jennings Berry

William A. and Anna F. Shuman Scholarship

Sydney Spiker

Willie and Linda Akers Endowed Scholarship

Lauren White, Zackary Windsor

Athletic Training Scholarships

K. Douglas Bowers Athletic Training Scholarship

Kailee Semon

Erika Lynn Cadran Memorial Athletic Training Scholarship

Kaitlyn Groves

Albert C. “Whitey” Gwynne Athletic Training Scholarship

Kaitlyn Groves, Charles McCool, Kobe Turlington, Mitchel Williams

Jimmy Leard Memorial Athletic Training Scholarship

Stephanie Rexroad

John C. Spiker Professional Development Award

Brooke Pataky

Ted Slahetka Athletic Training Scholarship

Kailee Semon

Peter and Linda Zulia Endowed Scholarship

Kaila Hadrick, Brooke Pataky

Vincent Stilger Scholarship

Brooke Pataky

Golden Scissors Award Junior

Mitchel Williams

Golden Scissors Award Senior

Tyler Repici

Undergraduate Outstanding Student Awards

American Kinesiology Association 

Tyler Repici

Athletic Training 

Tyler Repici

Athletic Coaching Education 

Zackary Windsor

Health and Well-being 

Sydney Spiker

Multi-Disciplinary Studies

Darrell Carpenter

Physical Education Teacher Education

Jordan Bolton

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Alexis Ruth

Sport Management

Emily Brasselle

WVU Outstanding Senior Award

Hailey Mostacciuolo

Graduate Outstanding Student Awards

American Kinesiology Association Doctoral Student

Tommy Minkler

American Kinesiology Association Master’s Student

Wesley Gawel

American Kinesiology Association Writing Student

Tommy Minkler

Athletic Coaching Doctoral Student 

Marla Gladstone

Coaching On-Campus Master’s Student Award 

Wesley Gawel

Coaching Online Master’s Student Award

Tamari Miyashiro

Physical Education Teacher Education Online Master’s Student

Patrick Gilligan

Physical Education Teacher Education Doctoral Student

Olivia Mackey

Sport and Exercise Psychology Doctoral Student

Tommy Minkler

Sport Management On-Campus Master’s Student

Kaitlin McGahagan

Sport Management Online Master’s Student

Sarah Ghaffoor

CPASS Student Ambassadors

Sohan Daniel, Josephine Edery, Owen Johns, Shantell Perez, Rachel Saepic

Dean’s Student Advisory Board (Undergraduate)

Emily Brasselle, Carter Kenton, David Lerner, Sydney Spiker, Carley Walton, Zackary Windsor

Dean’s Student Advisory Board (Graduate)

Philip Brinker, Avery Ferguson, Wesley Gawel, Jaxson Judkins

Faculty Awards

Excellence in Research

Gonzalo Bravo, Kristen Dieffenbach, Eloise Elliott, Peter Giacobbi, Guy Hornsby, Cindy Lee, Emily Murphy, Brent Oja, Johannes Raabe, Emi Tsuda, Dana Voelker, Sam Zizzi

Researcher of the Year

Johannes Raabe

Excellence in Service

Sean Bulger, Gonzalo Bravo, Kristen Dieffenbach, Eloise Elliott, Guy Hornsby, Erin Jordan, Cindy Lee, Emily Murphy, Johannes Raabe, Andrea Taliaferro, Emi Tsuda, Dana Voelker, Justin Wartella, Valerie Wayda

Professional Servant of the Year

Emily Murphy

Excellence in Teaching 

Sean Bulger, Kristen Dieffenbach, Eloise Elliott, Erin Jordan, Peter McGahey, Johannes Raabe, Andrea Taliaferro, Emi Tsuda, Dana Voelker, James Wyant, Sam Zizzi

Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Emi Tsuda

Grantsperson of the Year

Eloise Elliott

Digital Learning Award (WVU Office of the Provost and WV Public Education Collaborative)

Justin Wartella

CPASS Service Awards

Years of Service to WVU

5 Years

Scott Barnicle, Eileen Harvey, Guy Hornsby, Gary Lhotsky, Colton Metzger

10 Years

Cole Smith

15 Years

Gonzalo Bravo, Kimberly Cameon

30 Years

Mary Kinsley

Mountaineer Values Coin Recipients

Allison Hetrick, Erin Jordan, Mary Kinsley, Michele Korgeski

Mountaineer Values Coin Pay It Forward Recipients

Kimberly Cameon, Cathleen Falvey, Mary Kinsley, Colton Metzger, Tracy Wheeler

Sharon Sisler Excellence in Service Awards

Sherry Binion, Kassi Roberts, Kaitlyn Shaffer, Beth Bailey, Michele Korgeski, Office of Student Success Team

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