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SEP student reaches for national recognition


Ashley Morgan, a sports and exercise psychology junior, is one of four students at WVU who has been selected as a candidate for the Truman Scholars Program.

Morgan credits the SEP faculty for their support and mentoring over the years. “I have finally found what I am passionate about,” Morgan stated. “I want to help children stay healthy and live healthy lifestyles.” She specifically mentioned three of her professors who have contributed the most to her academic experience, Dr. Clement, Dr. Watson and Dr. Zizzi.

The scholarship provides $30,000 toward a graduate education. “I would be granted many opportunities throughout my life from this award and have my choice of graduate school programs,” Morgan explained.

Morgan is in the process of applying at the national level. By early May, the Harry S. Truman Foundation will announce the 2014 scholar. Approximately 50-70 students in the nation will be selected.

The Truman Scholarship was created in 1975 as a living memorial to the thirty-third President. The scholarship program supports the graduate education and professional development of youth committed to public service leadership.

“Throughout my education at WVU, I have never once thought I was in the wrong place,” Morgan said.

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