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New endowment to help expand academic scholarship opportunities at CPASS

A newly established endowment will support the West Virginia University College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. The Ted Slahetka Athletic Training Scholarship will provide scholarships for qualified students in the college.

The endowment will offer aid for undergraduate students majoring in Athletic Training at WVU CPASS. The gift amount is $25,000. Walter and Cynthia Slahetka established the scholarship in honor of their son, Ted, a third-year WVU Athletic Training student.

Walter Slahetka explains why the family made the decision to support CPASS students. “We wanted to show our appreciation to WVU CPASS for their commitment to students, particularity those who have elected to major in Athletic Training, as our son Ted has.”  

Slahetka says that Ted has always spoken about someday starting a fund to help others financially. “We thought there was no better way to reward him for his hard work and dedication to his studies than to start an endowment that he could contribute to over his lifetime,” Walt Slahetka explained.

“The Slahetka’s gift will offer excellent opportunities for students wanting to further their education. Increasing scholarship support will help our most promising students pursue their degrees without undue financial burden, including those in the Athletic Training program. On behalf of the college, I want to thank the Slahetkas for their generosity and leadership,” said Dana D. Brooks, CPASS dean and professor of Physical Education.

Walter Slahetka, who works in finance for Johnson and Johnson, talks about how his son has benefited from being part of CPASS and majoring in athletic training. “Ted has learned how to manage the competing demands of a very challenging curriculum along with the daily rigors of supporting one of the athletic teams,” Slahetka said.

“Developing the ability to manage his time has enabled Ted to do well at WVU and, more importantly, has set a very strong foundation for further education and, ultimately, his career,” Slahetka added.

Walter and Cynthia Slahetka, from Princeton, NJ, like the support that WVU has provided their son. “When Ted decided to attend WVU we thought he made an excellent choice. While it is a larger school, students get the personalized support they need to succeed. This proved to be very true for Ted. He has enjoyed the large school comradery and spirt,” said Slahetka.

“At the same time, he has had the support and guidance of his advisors and professors for doing well in the classroom. It was important for us to have Ted enjoy all the aspects of going to college. We believe that WVU exceeded our expectations,” he clarified.

Ted Slahetka hopes to attend law school directly upon graduation from WVU, with the goal of using a law degree along with his athletic training background to launch a career with a university or professional sports team.

The gift was made in conjunction with "A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia's University" which runs through December 2017. For more information, visit  
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