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Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Sciences hosts final Town Hall meeting: Returning to Play in WV

The West Virginia University Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Sciences will host the final Town Hall ZOOM meeting, titled Returning to Play in WV, Thursday, May 21, 2020, 3-4 p.m. The ongoing series is designed to support youth and scholastic sports coaches, parents, athletes and programs in West Virginia.

The upcoming Town Hall discussion will bring together a panel of sports science, sport and exercise psychology, coaching science and medical experts to discuss what best practices in return to play might look like this summer and fall. The panelists will cover what can coaches, parents, and players expect and how to minimize risk for youth and scholastic sports athletes in West Virginia.

The virtual town hall experience will begin with a brief introduction of the panelists, discussion and open for questions. The event moderator features Michael J. Ryan, PhD, program director, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Athletic Coaching Education program, and coach, Morgantown High School track and cross country.

Panelists include Brenden Balcik, MD, WVU Medicine, team doctor for WVU and East Fairmont High School; Chris Parson, athletic director and track and cross-country coach, Cabell Midland High School; Trevor Jones, Physical Therapist/Athletic Training coordinator, Healthworks; Dayna Charbonneau, PsyD, WVU athletics director of clinical and sport psychology; Guy Hornsby, PhD, WVU Athletic Coaching Education, assistant professor and WVU Weightlifting coach; and Kristen Dieffenbach, PhD, WVU Athletic Coaching Education associate professor and director, Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Science.

Important information

For more information, contact the Center for Applied Coaching and Sport Sciences, by phone, 304-293-3295, or email,

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