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CPASS graduate student studies how attitudes toward mental illness impact student-athletes

Portrait of Robert Hillard

The cultural stigma related to mental illness and those seeking mental health services is pervasive. According to Robert Hilliard, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology doctoral student, such negative viewpoints pose barriers across race, status, occupation, gender, country of origin and other variables.  

Hilliard has received a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Graduate Student Research Grant to conduct research on key topics by introducing new studies to the field. The grant is offered annually to graduate students studying NCAA student-athletes in the broad areas of well-being and sport participation. Hilliard’s research is titled Stigma, Attitudes, and Intentions to Seek Mental Health Services in Student-Athletes. 

Winter 2018 Update highlights determination to create opportunities

LLC students pose for a photo while touring WVU's athletic facilities

Join us as we explore the past semester and look ahead to the New Year. Learn more about how faculty, students, staff, alumni and donors share the same passion, determination and hope to build the future of the College and offer opportunities for current and prospective students.  

Provost Joyce McConnell visited with CPASS faculty and staff this fall to discuss the future of the College. The provost explained that WVU will work toward updating the overall University strategic plan. The University’s strategic plan will play a major role in the future of the college, as it will help to identify the focus of WVU moving forward. The Provost stated that the destiny of CPASS starts with the faculty, staff, alumni and students. 

Athletic Coaching Education graduate sets sights on highest soccer coaching level

Portrait of Andre Kowisky

West Virginia University graduate André Schneider credits the holistic approach he learned as a master’s student in helping him succeed as a coach. The Brazil native had little time to evaluate and modify the U15 Team of Porto Vitoria in the beginning of October.

“It was only two and a half months. The biggest challenge the coaching staff (Hugo Gava, fitness coach, and Rafael Pinheiro, goalkeeper's coach) and I faced was, in such a short period of time, change the play style of the team, and have them playing a possession, yet aggressive, style of soccer,” he explained.  

Interest in inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle leads student to create wellness brand

Photo of Nick Knopf, founder of Disruptive Athletics.

In the world of athletics, there are hundreds of brands, influencers, products and accounts to follow and keep up with. Each may have their own story, but how often is there an opportunity to watch one build from the ground up?

Nick Knopf, a Maryland native, is a sport and exercise psychology major, with a minor in business administration. While researching different schools, Knopf wanted somewhere that was new to him along with offering a degree similar to kinesiology, the study of body movements. West Virginia University happened to fulfill his passion.

CPASS graduate offers career advice to navigate sports business field

Photo of Karin Torchia and students she met with during her visit.

Karin Torchia grew up as an army brat, moving every one to two years through junior high school. As she settled into new towns, she found that the best way to make friends was through sports.

"I was a tomboy; I loved playing every sport that I could. It was fun for me and it was something that I could do anywhere we lived," said Torchia.